Ans :- Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates now available online is not digitally signed. But there is a GO referred in the certificate below which says that for official purposes the downloaded certificates are valid. For legal purposes the downloaded certificate will not hold good.

Ans: The data entry process is going on .The availability of old birth certificate in each district varies depending upon the progress of data digitisation in in the local bodies. The data of birth and deaths upto 1970 will be digitised.

Yes it is equally valid even if you miss aadhaar , e-aadhaar can be used in its place .The number of is important. For your Information -- The pertinent point is aadhaar and e-aadhaar are basically one and the same. Both are printouts. Since e-aadhaar is digitally signed it is verifiable in a computer. But the printout of e-Aadhaar is only as good as one without signature. Aadhaar verification is actually meant to be an online process using biometrics against aadhaar number. It is the number that is important

Ans “?” in e-aadhaar appears when the digital signature in it is not able to be validated in that particular computer. After installing the digital certificate in that particular machine the “?” symbol will be replaced by tick mark.